Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is nearly 3,500 square miles of wilderness and recreation area, sitting above a volcanic hot spot. Yellowstone is filled with sights including dramatic canyons, Bison, alpine rivers, lush forests, hot springs and geysers, It's most famous, Old Faithful is a favorite tourist spot.

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Throughout the world there are national parks that capture something special about the specific region that the park is in. Some are noted for their impressive vistas stretching for miles while others are tourist stops for their cool springs, but if you want to see everything in one visit, the only place is Yellowstone National Park.

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Geological Formations – Winter Sports – Waterfalls – Family – Hiking – Stunning Vistas – Wildlife – Scenic Drives – Wild flowers – Boating – History – Fishing – Horseback Riding

Yellowstone was founded in 1872 when America was still being discovered by many. The landscape offered weary travelers and adventurers alike the opportunity to see the awesome power of nature with its array of colorful hot springs and gave people their first notion of what geysers actually were. The first ever national park in the world is still astounding travelers today with many attractions that will take days to explore within the almost 3,500 square mile park.

The Geysers

White Dome Geyser Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone White Dome Geyser

Families and individuals alike come to the park drawn by one all too famous notion. The Yellowstone National Park Old Faithful geyser is one of the only geysers in the world that viewers can set their watches to. Among the millions of visitors that visit the park on an annual basis, they are taken aback by the sheer size of Yellowstone National Park. This volcanic hotspot, including its many roadside picnic areas that allow you to take in your surroundings while you fuel up for another adventure.

Although many visitors claim that they come only to see Yellowstone National Park Old Faithful, they are completely astounded by the amount of geothermal activity that surrounds this unbelievably beautiful landscape. Norris Geyser Basin contains some of the hottest geysers known to man with the average temperature being over 459 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Springs

If you come to Yellowstone National Park only thinking that you will have the opportunity to see the largest deposit of geysers, you will quickly discover that the park has much more to offer than awesome sights of water shooting from deep within the earth. The park is dotted with amazing vivid color that come from the mineral deposits in the many hot springs that can be found throughout the park.

Minerals that are in the water of many of these springs in the famous Emerald springs area look as though the colors have been fashioned from some of the most luxurious rubies in the world. Although the pools may look like a nice place to cool off with the vivid blues and yellows, the waters are dangerously hot so make sure that everyone stays safely on the paths provided. Look as much as you like, but please do not touch.

The North End

The North End Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National park The North End

The flat lands that can be found throughout Yellowstone national park are a complete contrast to the north side of the park. The geothermal atmosphere gives way to amazing mountain peaks that allow the Yellowstone River to wind through them. There are places throughout the world that will allow you to see some waterfalls, but none will fill your world with happiness quite like seeing the waterfalls amid the backdrop of the golden cliff faces.

Apart from the moving waters that can be found throughout the north end of Yellowstone National park, you will also enjoy the relaxing nature of the Yellowstone Lake. Yellowstone Lake is the only Alpine lake that can be found in North America. You have enjoyed a boat ride on an average lake, but never have you ever had such a freeing experience on any lake until you have had a relaxing boat ride on the Yellowstone Lake.

What You Need to Know

When you are planning a trip to the very beautiful and awe inspiring Yellowstone National Park there will be more to your experience than merely viewing the amazing natural geothermal activity and the wildlife that can be seen throughout the park. Any destination that boast such natural beauty will have its very own set of rules and guidelines for visitors. Although there are many rules to take into consideration that are meant to maintain the integrity of Yellowstone National Park, you need to remain safe at all times and therefore there are strict rules that prohibit feeding of any animal within the park. Camping within the area also calls for visitors to maintain a clean environment along with utilization of the food lockers that are in every campsite to ward off any wildlife that may be looking for a snack though the night.

Fees for entering Yellowstone National park vary depending upon the type of vehicle you intend on bringing in if any at all. Private vehicles will cost $30 for a 7-day pass while motorcycles will cost $25 for the same length of time. If you intend on trekking your way by foot throughout the park you will have to pay a $15 fee for anyone in your group that is 16 years of age or older. An annual pass can also be purchased for $60 per year if you want to make your visits to Yellowstone National Park more frequent. There are also special free days throughout the year, so make sure that you make use of those if your visit allows for it. No matter when you go to Yellowstone National Park you are sure to enjoy yourself. Have fun.

Download a Yellowstone National Park Map PDF

Planning a Yellowstone vacation? Be sure to download the official Yellowstone National Park map, below, or use our interactive maps to find restaurants, hotels, or activities along the route of your choosing in and around the park. Either way, don’t leave home without a map of Yellowstone. This free Yellowstone map shows park roads, attractions, and more.

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Official Yellowstone National Park Map – Click on the Map to download

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Must See
If you have a limited time in the park, these are the areas that you will want to consider:

  • Geyser areas from Madison to Old Faithful and Firehole Drive / Falls
  • Mud Volcano Area
  • Canyon Area – Artist Point, Inspiration Point, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Lower Falls
  • Tower Falls
  • Lamar Valley – wildlife – antelope, bears, bison, birds, coyotes, elk, mule deer, wolves and more
  • Mammoth – thermal area and Museum
  • Norris Geyser Basin
  • Gibbon Falls


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