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Washington National Parks

Washington has always been known as a state that welcomes outdoor enthusiasts from around the globe. From the extreme winters (with winter sports of all kinds) to the unbelievably wet summers encouraging many summer water sports; this state truly has it all. You have not seen all that Washington offers until you have experienced one of the three Washington national parks. Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic are the national parks that call Washington home and they are waiting to be explored.

The choice to visit Washington national parks is truly one that does not take much thought. The timing of your visit however is one that does take some consideration. If you are planning on visiting any Washington national park during the summer, you need to prepare for the rain. Although the mild temperatures do not warrant any fear of hypothermia, you do not want to be the one stuck without a change of clothes while hiking the many peaks of the parks. Proper hydration as well as a good eye for wildlife is essential for a successful hike.

If your travels send you to Washington national parks during the winter, you may want to forgo camping within the park unless you are truly a wilderness expert and have the equipment to back up that claim. Due to the heavy snow that is common in Washington national parks during the winter, winter sports are highly encouraged, but you should always practice safety when you visit. Ensure that all of your equipment is in good working order and fits you accordingly so you do not have any mishaps while hiking in the backcountry. Avalanches can happen quickly so make sure you know what you are doing before venturing off into the wilderness in the dead of winter.

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