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Texas National Parks

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Texas National Parks

Texas is a big place. The state is among the largest in the nation and it is said that everything is bigger in Texas. Texas national parks are certainly no exception to that rule with roughly 1 million acres devoted to the two national parks within the state. Annual visitors increase each year with over a million visitors making their way to these remarkable nature rich parks. The draw is not just the nature of everything being bigger in Texas, but the chance to stay in some of the last remaining wilderness areas in the world.

Texas national parks, like all national parks are protected from development by the government and regulations regarding what can be built or even where visitors are allowed to go within the parks are strictly enforced. That is not to say that Texas national parks are not wonderful places to visit. Provided that you stick to the rules set by the government and the rangers, you are sure to have a wonderful time in the parks.

Camping in backcountry and even in the established campgrounds of the Texas national parks is a welcomed escape from city life and a way to reconnect with nature. There is little to be found in the way of phone signals in these remote parks, but you will not miss the lack of technology at all when you are sitting under the big sky of Texas and enjoying the fact that you can seem to see every star ever created in the heavens. Some national parks have some draws, but Texas national parks have everything in the outdoors you have ever wanted to see and even some things you may have not even considered.

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