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Tennessee National Parks

Tennessee is home to a music lover’s paradise, but it is not just about the music in Tennessee. One visit to this wonderful state will show you that the people of Tennessee love the outdoors and they work diligently to ensure that the land they love is protected. The Tennessee national parks are perfect examples of their spirit in the fact that the Great Smoky Mountain National Park was formed from private donations from citizens and many of the locals were allowed to remain on park land until they died. That is devotion to the land in the truest sense.

That devotion can still be felt today with any visit. Tennessee national parks recently made international news when a wildfire threatened wildlife and forced many from their homes. The damage was great as many acres of land was burned completely by the fire, but the Tennessee national park association did not let the fire burn out their spirit. They are working now to rebuild the park to its former glory and the communities and volunteers coming to the Tennessee national parks are working together in their efforts.

Although it will take some time to bring the parks back to their original condition, the campgrounds as well as backcountry camping remains open to visitors. Tennessee national parks are the perfect example of what people can do when they truly love the land. Please make these parks a part of your visiting plans and you are sure to enjoy the great outdoors all while getting to know the locals that call the area home. Even when fire takes away one part of the land, it is the duty of the people to rebuild and restructure so life can go on for the animals as well as the people.

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