South Dakota National Parks

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South Dakota National Parks

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South Dakota National Parks

It is likely that when you think of South Dakota the only thing that comes to mind is probably snow and Mt. Rushmore. Where these two elements are a part of the state, they are certainly not everything about it. Badlands and Wind Cave are the only two recognized South Dakota national parks on the registry. The 244,000 acres of Badlands as well as the 33,847 acres of Wind Cave entice over 1 million people each year to experience the wilderness of the South Dakota landscape.

The reason that many people are put off by visiting South Dakota national parks is the weather and what they know of the state, but it is important to remember that just because you do not know about a place is no reason not to visit. South Dakota is a land that is full of rich history that is just waiting to be discovered. It is true that visiting South Dakota national parks during the winter can be a bit tricky. The roads can ice from time to time making roads hard to navigate, but the park rangers do a good job of notifying guests of any potential hazards.

The warmer months are a bit easier to handle with abundant camping opportunities including established campgrounds as well as backcountry camping to suit all needs. The clear night sky of South Dakota national parks will entice you to stay much more than just one night. The sky comes alive with life and the elk in their natural habitat are truly remarkable experiences to behold. South Dakota national parks have much to offer visitors, but you will never get to know the state if you never visit, so take some time and get to know South Dakota for its remarkable beauty.

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