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South Carolina National Parks

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South Carolina National Parks

South Carolina is home to some of the most spectacular beach towns to be found anywhere on the map, but the state is known for much more than the beach areas. Most of the state is covered with rich forests and vegetation and for the best examples of this, you have to visit South Carolina national parks. Conagree is the only national park within South Carolina and it is truly one that should never be missed. The land that Conagree sits on is quite old and during that time, many forests have been cut down in the name of progress, but in South Carolina, the forest is highly regarded.

A walk through South Carolina national parks gives you a better perspective about how much life there is to discover beneath and even within the trees. The forest floor is teeming with life and the well-manicured pathways throughout the park enable visitors to walk among the wildlife without having a significant impact on their surroundings. Hikers are able to venture throughout the park, but it is recommended that all guests stay on the foot paths if there is one available.

Camping within South Carolina national parks is an activity that should not be missed. It is true that the summer months can be quite hot, but the amount of tree cover enables the temperatures to be tolerable for most people. The cool air at night and the fact that the creatures throughout the forest seem to sing campers to sleep make it possible to simply enjoy the experience without the impact of technology or the hustle and bustle of city life. A visit to South Carolina national parks is one that no traveler should ever miss and if you are an avid outdoors enthusiasts, the South Carolina National Parks area is the best around for hiking.

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