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Oregon National Parks

If you are truly an outdoor lover, there is no better place to experience the wilderness quite like Oregon. Oregon national parks are among the most wilderness soaked experience one can have and those that have visited cannot wait to return for the chance to do it all over again. Oregon is home to one national park known as Crater Lake. The park’s name sake was formed from an ancient volcano destroyed by a massive eruption leaving behind an almost 2000 feet deep lake. The lake is the main draw of the park, but Oregon national parks are so spectacular that people come for a variety of reasons from across the globe.

Oregon national parks are open throughout the year, but there are exceptions to that rule during the winter months. Most of the winter is spent enjoying the many winter activities within Oregon national parks, but during some of the most treacherous snow storms, the roads and trails become impassable and therefore have to be shut down. Most of the park will remain open, but the less traveled trails of the backcountry may be off limits if you decide to make your journey during the winter.

Summer however is a different story. Oregon national parks are known for being water wonderlands and therefore there are many water related activities throughout the parks for visitors to enjoy. Camping in the parks is also a very enjoyable activity during the warmer months. Campers are able to choose from wilderness camping or camping in actual campgrounds and no matter which one you choose, you are sure to have a truly memorable experience, so get out of the ordinary and join the over 600,000 visitors annually to this remarkable place.

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