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Ohio National Parks

Ohio has become quite a hot spot for traveler. Most people come to the state to enjoy the record breaking rollercoasters, but those that are truly in the know understand that the beauty of the state is not in the manmade structures that dot the land, but in the natural beauty of Ohio national parks. The weather throughout the state is relatively mild when compared to other parts of the country. The main reason for this is its proximate to Lake Eire. The winters can be particularly harsh, but the summers offer a chance to view nature without scorching your skin from the sun.

Unlike many of the other larger states that can boast many national park, Ohio national parks are few, but memorable. The national parks are open throughout the year so when you feel like a visit, nature will be there to welcome you in Ohio national parks. Winter is enjoyable due to the fun cross country skiing to be found as well as many other winter related activities and summer offers the chance to simply relax and enjoy the rivers and lakes that are found throughout the parks.

Ohio national parks are not just about the natural beauty, but about the cultural impact people have had on the area. They celebrate their illustrious heritage with dances, concerts, and art exhibits throughout the year. It is fun to simply take time out of our busy schedule to relax and get back to nature, but when you can combine that with the chance to embrace another culture, the experience is simply unmatched.

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