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North Dakota National Parks

If you are an avid national park visitor you have likely visited many of the most famous national parks in North America, but some of the smaller national parks deserve your attention as well. North Dakota national parks are among the least visited, but visitors return again and again because they should be among the most visited for their vast beauty. You may believe that you know what North Dakota is all about, but until you have visited the states national parks, you know nothing of this remarkable state.

Traveling anywhere in North Dakota makes the traveler have to know where they are going. There is much wilderness in the state and should you be traveling in winter, there is a lot of snow to contend with. North Dakota national parks have much to offer those simply traveling through the state, but more to offer if you make it your destination spot. Although you may want to avoid camping during the height of winter due to the amount of snow, the parks are still open and have a number of winter activities.

Visiting North Dakota National Parks during the summer will enable you to have much more of a relaxing experience especially if you decide to camp within the park. Whether you camp in a campground or look to the wilderness for your campout, you are sure to enjoy the sounds of nature, but more so, you will be able to have an unobstructed view of the night sky. When the moon is full, the entire landscape lights up without any artificial light, but if you can catch a night where the moon is not visible and there is no cloud cover, you will be set to see the night sky like nothing else you have ever seen. All the constellations as well as many shooting stars have been viewed from North Dakota national parks and those that got the opportunity are clamoring to come back for more.

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