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North Carolina National Parks

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North Carolina National Parks

North Carolina is a state full of natural beauty and epic wonder. Unlike most states that only offer one type of landscape, North Carolina gives visitors the opportunity to discover different types of landscapes. From the beautiful beaches of the North Carolina coast line to the short drive into the majestic mountains, you can see it all in this impressive state, but if you truly want to know the heart of North Carolina, you must venture into the North Carolina national parks.

The only North Carolina national park in existence currently is the Great Smoky Mountains. This particular national park is found in both North Carolina as well as Tennessee and camping here will give you a new-found appreciation for all things found in nature. Strolling through rich forests of the park will offer you the chance to not only get in touch with nature, but feel the epic rich mountain air that North Carolina is famous for. The air is clean and crisp without the common pollution that comes with many other popular tourist areas.

Camping within the North Carolina national parks is an experience in itself. The nights are remarkably cook even in the height of the summer heat and therefore it is quite comforting to be within the campgrounds of the parks. The morning brings rich due to the landscape and hiking to the peaks of the many mountains will enable you to take in some of the most breathtaking sunrises available anywhere in the world. Depending on the season, the snow glistens or the foliage dances with the sunrise. A trip to North Carolina national parks is one that should never be missed and the thousands that venture into this park, can vouch for that.