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New Mexico National Parks

Almost 400,000 visitors make the trip to New Mexico national parks each year. They come to see the local wildlife, but not the ones you may have expected. Most people expect to see deer or elk while on their trip to a national park, but New Mexico national parks are a little bit different. The desert environment is not applicable for many animals that we are used to seeing and therefore we must look a little deeper into the environment for the chance to see what we want to see. In New Mexico, looking deeper into the environment often means an excursion into the caverns beneath the parks.

Carlsbad Caverns is the most well-known of New Mexico national parks. Visitors are encouraged to go on guided tours throughout the caverns during the day, but at dusk, they are able to see a vast exodus of truly unique proportions. The local bats that call the cavern home come out at dusk to feed and there are quite a few of them. The evening sky often turns black as these nocturnal creatures venture out from their safe haven for a bit of night hunting. The experience is repeated, but in reverse at sunrise when the bats venture back into the caves for a little rest. It is an experience that is not available in other parts of the world, so if you are lucky enough to find yourself within New Mexico national parks, you should stay for the show.

It is best if you allow yourself time to see both the exodus as well as the return of the bats and there is no better way to ensure that you can do this than with a campout in New Mexico. Camping in the park gives you the opportunity to not only see that particular attraction, but also the chance to find a serene place to take in the beauty of the desert night sky. It is an experience of a lifetime and one that you are sure to want to recapture again and again.

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