Nevada National Park

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Nevada National Park

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Nevada National Park

Nevada is the home of the gambling capital of America. It is where you go when you want to get out of the normal routine and be a little irresponsible, but if you are like most people, you want to hold onto more of your hard-earned money without simply throwing it away in a machine that is likely to simply rip you off. Visitors to this state have the chance to take in some of the best national parks to be found anywhere in the country. Great Basin and Death Valley are the two Nevada national parks in existence today and they are much more beneficial to your spirit than any casino ever will be.

Camping in the desert environment that Nevada is famous for is an experience that everyone should take in. Although the summers can bring temperatures well over 100, there are many activities throughout the parks that will allow you to beat the heat. At night, however is when the desert animals and many of the people seem to come alive. The desert is home to coyotes and many nocturnal animals to be seen. Camping within the park gives visitors the ability to view these animals from a safe distance, but in their natural habitat. Plus, the cool night air is a welcomed gift once the sun goes down.

Nights in Nevada national parks also give visitors an unexpected thing to discover if they only remember to look up. Much of the state of Nevada is undeveloped and apart from the big lights of Las Vegas and Reno, there are few distractions form the night sky. Those that camp within Nevada national parks are able to have the best view of the night sky possible. The night sky brightens up the land so much so that flashlights are often unnecessary for some night hikes. The true beauty of this state is only able to be seen within Nevada national parks.

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