Isle Royale National Park

If the outdoors is what you crave you will find no greater wilderness experience than at Isle Royale National Park in Michigan. Lake Superior attracts guests from all over the world to its pristine waters, but to truly experience the wild Michigan for all it is a visit to Isle Royale National Park adjacent to Lake Superior should be top of your list.

Isle Royale National Park

Michigan’s Premiere Wilderness Experience

This park has been part of the national park registry since 1940 and attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year. The 571,790 acres that make up Isle Royale National Park are among the most breathtaking lands in all the world and a visit to this part of North America is sure to please everyone in your family.

Take a Dive

There are very few national parks that have an abundance of water activities apart from the occasional fishing excursion or the few that offer swimming, but at Isle Royale National Park you can rest assured that you will have a good time especially if you are a SCUBA professional. Trained divers are able to dive to the deepest part of Lake Superior to discover what lies beneath Isle Royale National Park. Shipwrecks are quite a sight to behold and there are many to be found below the surface of the water. Diving should only be accomplished by trained divers and both wet and dry suits are recommended as the water temperature even during the summer in Lake Superior can dip into the 30s in the deepest parts of the lake.

Take a Tour

There is much to be discovered within Isle Royale National Park, but many times simply going out on your own, you can miss key points that a tour guide would be able to point out to you. The rangers of Isle Royale National Park are experts when it comes to everything about the park and they offer regular tours to visitors. Ranger led tours include land hikes as well as many boat tours that give visitors the chance to view the area from a different view point. These tours vary in price depending on the time of year and are primarily performed on weekdays, so if you wish to take part, plan ahead and visit the visitor’s center for more information.

Wilderness Ranger Program

While visiting Isle Royale National Park the kids are never neglected. There is so much to see and do here that you will never have to hear of the child’s boredom during your stay. To further enhance your child’s, experience the park offers the Wilderness Ranger Program that allows children to learn about the park in a fun and action packed way. During your overnight camping excursion, your child can use their ranger booklet and fill out certain activities throughout the evening. The next day simply take your wilderness book to the Junior Ranger Program office and your child will be given a patch for all of their hard work. It is a great keepsake and memories your child will keep for years to come.

Take to the Water

While on your trip to Isle Royale National Park, you may feel the call of the water and it is perfectly fine to answer that call. Kayaks and canoes are a normal sight and guests are encouraged to enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Superior and the waterways surrounding it. It is advised however that you treat the lake with the utmost of respect. The frigid waters can quickly overtake even the most advanced swimmer so never venture out along and always watch for any coming weather that may make the water unsafe. Although Lake Superior is a relatively calm lake, the weather conditions have been known to change rapidly and waves can overtake boaters, so watch for a sudden shift in weather conditions and get out of the water if you ever feel unsafe.

Things to Know

Entrance fees to Isle Royale National Park are relatively inexpensive at $7 per person above the age of 15 regardless of how they enter. The fee is for one day within the park and there are no camping fees associated with overnight stays within the park. Camping sites do however require a free permit for use. This enables the park staff to keep track of who is in the park at any time and account for any hikers that may not have returned to their group. While camping, you need to display your permit on your tent while you are within the campsite to allow rangers to know who has returned and who may still be in the wilderness. An annual entrance permit is available if you wish to make Isle Royale National Park a regular stop on your travels. It is $60 and allows up to 3 additional people entrance from one permit.