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Maine National Parks

The extreme northern part of the United States is famous for many things. When we think of Maine, we often only think of lobster and the New England coastline, but that is the end of it. Maine national parks however are sure to give you a new appreciation for the state and all that is within. Acadia National Park is the only recognized national park in the state, but a visit here is sure to please any traveler.

Traveling to the extreme north of the country will present you with some challenges. One of the most challenging parts of the journey will be dependent upon the time of year you choose to travel. It is relatively easy to visit Maine during the summer months when the weather is warm, but nowhere near as scorching as the southern summers. The winter however will bring about some challenges, as snow fall in this part of the country is particularly deep and the area is prone to snow storms that have been known to strand travelers to the state for a time, but weather should not be your main focus when you travel to Maine national parks.

What draws people to Maine national parks most often is the crisp and cool night sky. Camping in the national parks gives you a unique view of the sky. Where most places we visit are flooded with artificial light and therefore block the true beauty of the sky, Maine national parks are uniquely positioned and far from artificial light, so that on a clear night when the moon is not out, you can see more stars than you have ever seen. The night sky comes alive to visitors to Maine and gives them memories that they will take with them for their entire lives.

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