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Hawaii National Parks

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Hawaii National Parks

Hawaii is known as pure paradise. People from all over the world travel to Hawaii for its tropical island feel and the hospitality of the locals. Hawaii national parks is also where people come to see active volcanoes and some of the most unique national parks anywhere on the national park registry. Hawaii has seven small islands and three of these islands contain the three national parks within Hawaii. Visiting the national parks does require the visitor to secure proper transport to the correct island, but unlike other remote locations, locals are used to transporting visitors and there are many ferries willing to take visitors where they need to go for a very minimal fee.

Preservation is an important part of the Hawaiian way of life. They work to maintain the traditions of the Hawaiian people and this also translates into their preservation of the national parks. Most national parks are maintained by rangers employed by the park’s service, but they are not always able to take care of everything. In Hawaii, the task of preservation of national parks is primarily maintained by the rangers, however they extend their resources by incorporating the general public’s help. The regularly scheduled clean ups allow the park to be properly maintained and gives the visitors a distinct way that they can give back to the local community.

Even though preservation and tradition is important, probably the most enticing part of the journey to Hawaii national parks is the fact the there is no bad time to visit. The tropical nature of the islands makes a visit to Hawaii national parks perfect because rainfall is limited and sunshine is always available. There are some rainy areas of the islands, but for the most part, the rain does not last long and the climate is warm enough that it does not impact most outdoor hiking excursions.

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