Biscayne National Park

When people think of the southern portion of Florida they often have visions of the nightlife of Miami, but Florida has much more to offer than that.

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Biscayne National Park

The Gem of South Florida

The natural beauty of the state is slowly being torn out by developers looking to cash in on the pristine coastline that Florida is famous for, but Biscayne National Park has stood its ground since it became a part of the national park registry in 1980. The over 500,000 visitors that visit the 172,971-acre park can attest to the fact that the natural beauty of Florida is found within its borders and is something that every Florida visitor should experience before the area is further threatened by developers.

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Kayaking and Canoeing

There are quite a few waterways in Florida that are packed with motor boats and vessels of all kinds. When you find yourself on one of these waterways, it can be difficult to enjoy the experience for all of the other people trying to do the same thing. Biscayne National Park gives visitors a much different experience on the waterways. Much of the park is covered with water, but the water is very shallow compared to other places within Florida. The shallow nature makes it very difficult and even impossible for large motor driven boats to travel without running aground. Kayaks and Canoes however are the perfect way to get around.

Choosing to travel by kayak or canoe gives visitors the chance to see the quiet nature of this part of Florida that so many people miss out on. Visitors can go it alone or pick from one of the many guided tours including Black Point, Deering, Elliot Key, Crocodile Creek, Jones Lagoon, and Mowry Canal. The guided tours will give you a bit of an edge when it comes to seeing the marine life because the tour guides will know where the animals frequent. A kayak or canoe trip is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the experience.

Full Day Sailing Trips

If you plan on spending an entire day in Biscayne National Park you may want to take advantage of a full day sailing trip. These trips are not like the standard boating tour trips that you may be used to. Full day sailing trips allow you to visit the areas of Biscayne National Park that are not accessible on foot. These island trips give visitors the chance to snorkel, hike, and see unique habitats. The tours begin at 10 am and return at 4 pm. This is the best chance you will have while in Biscayne National Park to see whales and dolphins. Full sailing day trips are given By Island Dreamer Sailing and all trips can be set up from the visitor’s center within the park.

Family Fun Fest

Many national parks seem to completely shut down during the winter months, but more and more families are enjoying the experience of traveling to destination spots during the winter. Florida is known for its impeccable year-round weather and it is no surprise that winter in Biscayne National Park is a wonderful experience. Each year between December and April the Dante Fascell Visitor’s Center puts on a show for families on the second Saturday of each month. Families are encouraged to enjoy activities for all ages and get prizes for completing the activities. The best thing about Family Fun Fest is that it is a free activity from 1 to 4 on that day. The schedule of events is found on the Biscayne National Park website so make sure that your trip coincides with the event you are most intrigued by.

Things to Know

A visit to Biscayne National Park is something that you will not soon forget, but there are some things you will want to consider before arriving at the park. Biscayne National Park is one of the national parks that do not charge an entrance fee. They do however charge a fee for camping within the park. The fee is $25 and is given on a first come first serve basis, so make sure that you arrive early and get the spot you want before they all fill up.

Biscayne National Park is not just stationed on one land mass. The park is comprised of many different islands and therefore if you want to visit the multiple islands you will have to have transportation. Boats can be rented for an average of $100 per day, but keep in mind that the rental fee does not include any docking fees or overnight fees that you may incur during your trip. You may also have to take a boating safety training course before you are allowed to rent the boat, but for a truly unforgettable experience it is quite a bargain to be had.