Florida National Parks

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Florida National Parks

Florida has become to be known as the place where people venture when the want to retire. Where this is true with many older couples, the state is not just a place for the older generation and it is also not just the place to go to see that famous mouse. Florida is one of the only states that is made up of a natural peninsula. That means that no matter where you go, you are likely to find the ocean. That makes for some impressive drives throughout the state, Florida national parks are the natural attractions that truly bring the adventurous sect down for a little fun.

Most Florida national parks are in the southern portion of the state. When you arrive in Miami, you may be amazed at the impressive architecture and the beautiful people, but once you get past all of that, you can truly take in the beauty that awaits you along the coast in the ever-popular Evergreen National Park and also the turtles at the Dry Tortuga National Park. Do not forget about the third and less talked about Biscayne National Park. All three of these national parks call to the wilderness seekers of the world for the opportunity to see one of the naturally shrinking ecosystems on earth.

The reason that the coastline of Florida has been blamed on everything, but the fact remains that the land prices and ability to have a coastal business are increasing and therefore many of the national parks, especially, Everglades is always being threatened by developers encroaching on the boundary lines. It is important that we continue to visit Florida National Parks and work with the rangers to make them a place that is protected for all eternity. Florida national parks are some of the only places left that you can see manatees and sea turtles in their natural environment and such a gem needs out visitation and out protection.

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