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Colorado National Parks

Colorado is a state that seems to have been built for those who are in love with the outdoors. Some of the most authentic cowboy experiences are available within Colorado’s borders and even though Denver is quite a large city, the outlying areas are much less populated. Colorado’s national parks are not as well-known as many other states apart from the famed Rocky Mountain National Park north of Denver, but Colorado is home to 5 national parks and therefore there is much to discover throughout the year.

There are some states in North American that seem to have only one climate and therefore are limited as to what they can offer the general public. Colorado is a state that has a wide array of offerings for every type of person and there is truly no time of the year that is considered a bad time to visit any of the Colorado national parks. During the winter visitors are able to enjoy all the winter sports such as snow skiing and even snowmobiling, but during the summer visitors are treated to a warm climate that is not too harsh and therefore guests are able to have the experience they want without all the distractions from some of the hotter national parks.

The national parks in the western part of the state have some unique features with Arches National Park most often being at the top of everyone’s visit list. The natural structures in the western national parks have been eroded over time by the wind and the rain, therefore it is the perfect place to take the kids for a lesson as to the ultimate power that the wind possesses. The ­­same wind and rain that carved out the Grand Canyon, is the very same the carved the arches and the canyons that have made Colorado a famous place to visit.

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