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When the time comes to take a well-deserved break from everyday work life, you want a place that you can relax and take in all the natural beauty that still exists in the world. There is no better place to enjoy this beauty quite like Yosemite National Park. The natural wonders that make this national park a must see destination are many, but here are a few to entice you for your next adventure. Where to stay – Yosemite National Park Hotels

When to go

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The Landscape

When visiting a national park for the first time, you need to know a little bit about it. Yosemite was first designated as an actual national park in 1890. It was the third to get the national park title and encompasses approximately 748,000 acres in California. Between 3 and 4 million people visit Yosemite National Park annually and enjoy the chance to see waterfalls, hike through mountainous terrain and enjoy a day of fishing in the quiet waters that can be found throughout the area.

A Big Adventure

Yosemite National Park is not just about taking in the beautiful views and relaxing the day away. If adventure is what you are after, there is plenty of that to be found within Yosemite National Park. Many national parks tend to shy away from the adventure seekers apart from those who want to climb the mountains, but here at Yosemite you can climb to the tallest vistas and instead of taking the long winding path back down, you can simply jump. Cliff jumping is a very high adrenaline activity within Yosemite, but be sure that you take a guide along with you to ensure that you cliff jump only in designated areas and that all of your equipment is properly maintained.

Family Adventure

There are few families that are going to be utilizing the amazing cliff jumping extravaganza for themselves, but family adventure packages can be designed around your family’s needs. For almost a decade Yosemite National Park has been working with families to design week long or just daily packages that allow for maximum family adventure throughout the trip. The family adventure activities are safe for families and offer them the chance to create vital memories that they can hold onto for years to come.

Not Just a Stroll Through the Wilderness

Throughout Yosemite you will see amazing places to enjoy the great outdoors for yourself. You are free to roam the wilderness for yourself, but to give you the opportunity to get the most from your experience Yosemite National Park offers you the opportunity to hike with a guide. Guides take adventurous hikers to some of the most intriguing hikes to be found such as Cloud’s Rest and Half Dome peaks. They teach hikers the importance of maintaining the wilderness in a way that leaves behind no trace that humans have ever been there. These lessons are great for both families and individuals to take with them throughout their lives and enriching the planet instead of destroying it with trash being left behind.

What You Need to Know

Whether you wish to camp (see Campgrounds) in Yosemite National Park or would rough it a little by camping you can find it. Reservations to both lodges and campgrounds should be made in advance, so book early as certain times of the year will fill up faster than others. General admission to the park is $30 per passenger vehicle with $20 for motorcycles. There is also a $15 per person entrance fee or those arriving on foot. Special free passes are given to 4th graders as well as one for those active in the U.S. military. There is also a special pass for permanently disabled persons and seniors that allow for lifetime access to the park for only $10. In addition to these passes, there are certain days throughout the year that are free entry including opening weekend in April and the Park Services Birthday weekend in August.

Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful and vast national parks around. Its natural beauty is something to be cherished and whether you have visited the park once in your life or many, you will always find something new and different to be seen there. There are few places left on the earth that are protected from supposed progress and the national parks throughout the world give us the opportunity to see the world as it was intended to be before our progress got in the way. We may never return to the rustic wilderness of old, but Yosemite National Park is a beautiful reminder of a simpler time. Enjoy your visit and take lots of pictures!

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Yosemite National Park Map

Getting Here
The closest major airports are Oakland and San Francisco, California and there is a smaller airport in Modesto, California.

From the North

1. Take Highway 395 South to Stateroad 140 West to the park.

2. Take I-5 South or Stateroad 99 South to Stateroad 120 East or Stateroad 140 East to the park.

From the East

1. Take I-80 West to Highway 395 South to Stateroad 140 West to the park.

2. Take Highway 6 West to Highway 395 North to Stateroad 140 West to the park.

From the South

1. Take Highway 395 North to Stateroad 140 West to the park.

2. Take I-5 or Stateroad 99 North to Stateroad 140 East or Stateroad 120 East to the park.

From the West

1. Take Stateroad 120 East to the park.

2. Take Stateroad 140 East to the park.

Additional Directions and Information

There are four main entrances to the park: the south entrance on Highway 41 north from Fresno, the Arch Rock entrance on Highway 140 West from Merced, the Big Oak Flat entrance on Highway 120 West from Modesto and Manteca and the Tioga Pass entrance on Highway 120 East from Lee Vining and Highway 395. The Tioga Pass entrance is closed from the first major snowstorm in November until approximately early June due to snow. The roads entering the park on its west side are kept open all year, but may require tire chains because of snow anytime between November and April.


To the Park

You can access the park via state highways 120, 41 and 140.

Several airlines serve Fresno Yosemite International and United Express serves the Merced airport.

Motor coach transportation is available all year from Merced Amtrak station and Transportation Center to Yosemite Valley.

In the Park

You can travel in the park via personal vehicle, bicycle, tour bus. Free shuttle bus service in the eastern end of Yosemite Valley (year-round), between Wawona and the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias and from Tuolumne Meadows to Tenaya Lake (summer only).

Yosemite National Park zip code
95389 Zip Code

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