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California is one of the largest and most diversified states in the United States. Most people know of California merely from the movies that have been filmed there and the many Hollywood stars that call the state home, but California is not all about the glitz and the glamour. It is a wilderness enthusiast’s paradise with 9 different national parks dotted throughout the state.

Some of the most famous of California national parks are Sequoia and Redwood. Most people recognize these because of the huge ancient trees that the parks are so famous for, but these are just a small portion of the adventures to be found within California national parks. To truly get immersed in the experience of the national parks, you need to visit all of them. Each one is unique in itself with geological and even landscape features, but you will never get the full picture until you take the time to enjoy some time in each of the 9 national parks within California.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about California national parks is that there is virtually no bad time to visit. Although the temperatures can get a bit intense in the far north of the state, the Pacific Ocean air tends to keep things at a nominal level. Camping is a must when you visit any of these national parks, not just because you can get an unobstructed view of the spectacular night sky, but for the fact that you will have the opportunity to connect with nature the way we were meant to before technology took over our lives. California may be teaming with celebrities and must see attractions, but nothing is more magical than taking in an experience at one of the many California national parks.

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