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Arkansas National Parks

Geological wonders are a part of many different national parks. There are those that have endless streams of geysers rising from the ground and also some that seem to paint the earth with an artful hand and a variety of vivid colors. The problem however with many of these geological hots spots is the fact that you cannot touch the water for fear of heat and chemical burns, but Arkansas national parks are the place you can go to literally get right in the middle of these amazing natural features.

Arkansas is home quite a few historical landmarks and national monuments, but only one national park. Hot Springs National Park is not the largest in the nation at only 5,500 acres, but it is among the most visited with approximately 1,400,000 visitors each year. They come for an array of activities, but most come to bask in the warm waters of the natural springs found throughout the park. The waters are warm and are said to contain healing minerals, but without the acidity that follows many of the other national parks with the same geological features.

Arkansas national parks also draw a crowd for the rich wilderness along with the mild weather throughout the year. Even when temperatures are at their highest during the summer months, it is still possible to have a very laid back hike for all the tree coverage. The animals in the park range from wild deer and many smaller ground creatures to snakes that enjoy the lush greenery as well. Arkansas national parks are certainly not the largest when it comes to land mass, but they are some of the best places to visit year-round for their amazing features and true wilderness experiences. You should never miss an opportunity to enjoy the best that Arkansas has to offer.

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