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Arizona National Parks

Thinking of Arizona usually lends people to begin imagining nothing more than a hot desert environment, but Arizona is much more than just an arid, dry desert. It has some of the most visited national parks anywhere in the nation along with truly unique attractions. The state contains 4 national parks and one of which is the Grand Canyon National Park which is by far one of the most famous and most visited on the registry. A trip to any of the Arizona national parks is sure to be a wonderful experience for you and your entire family.

Arizona National Parks are a welcomed haven for weary travelers traveling across the United States and also those that just want to leave the hustle and bustle of the big cities behind. The fact that most of the Arizona National Parks are located away from city lights makes for some remarkable camping out under the stars. On a clear night and when the moon is not visible, the sky lights up with the most spectacular light show around. Visitors are awarded the chance to enjoy a truly unfiltered view of the night sky much like our ancestors did before artificial light was created.

Arizona National Parks are open year-round and proudly welcome visitors throughout the year, but there may be some times that are better for you family to visit than others. It is a very hot area and water can be scarce at times especially while hiking, so if you do not tolerate the heat, you may want to consider visiting during the spring or fall seasons. These times will enable you to have access to plenty of water and you will not need to carry the amount of water that is recommended during the summer months which can become quite heavy with a larger family.

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