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American Samoa National Parks

When people think of visiting the United States they seem to understand that there are the continental states along with the addition of Hawaii and Alaska, but what they do not realize is that America contains one very small Samoan Nation. The American Samoa Territory is located in the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side of Samoa. Although this island is relatively small when compared to other states within the continental United States, it does possess American Samoa National Parks.

Unlike other national parks that maintain huge land masses, American Samoa National Parks only has 13,500 acres of land. Most of the national park however is directly in the water as the small land mass is surrounded by a marine preserve. This enables the marine life to thrive and the national park to avoid commercial fishermen. The tropical paradise that is American Samoa national Parks is often forgotten about by many visitors, but one that deserves your respect. With only around 14,000 visitors annually, this national park is among the least visited within the national park registry, but those that choose not to visit are truly missing out on a remarkable experience.

The Samoan people are known for being quite hospitable to all guests and when you combine that with the ability to see tropical birds and fish that are not usually seen anywhere else within America, you have a recipe for a truly unique experience. Another interesting fact about the American Samoa National Parks is that it is the only national park within the registry that resides completely below the equator. This park may not be the most popular, but a visit here will give visitors a new respect for marine life along with the chance to travel anytime they feel like it without combatting boiling heat or frigid winters.

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