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Alaska is quite a unique state. Its location alone makes it one of the most remote states within the United States. Access to this state is only available by air and water, unless you decide to take the long drive through Canada. The entire population of the state is less than 750,000 people making it one of the least populated states per capita, but even though Alaska is remote and not densely populated, when the wilderness calls, it often calls people to this wilderness paradise.

Preservation efforts have not always been a part of Alaska however within the past hundred years, much of the state has been designated as national parks. Alaska national parks are truly inspiring places to visit. Each one is unique, but have that remarkable wilderness atmosphere that Alaska is so famous for. Each of the 8 Alaska national parks has anywhere from between a few hundred thousand acres all the way up to tens of millions of acres, so you can clearly see how a trip to this state and all its national parks is one that should not be missed.

The trick to visiting Alaska national parks is dependent upon when you choose to travel. Traveling in extreme weather can make it difficult to gain access to the remote and smaller national parks and some of these have to be reached by plane or boat. Make sure that you understand where you are going and the expected expenses that you may have to pay. Added expenses can be specialized travel into the park and any extra equipment to make the journey easier. A big perk however is the fact that most of the Alaska national parks do not require admission fees, so you may have more expensive travel, but you stay could be completely free.

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